Hundreds of certs each month for different domains

I`m considering to use the LE API to create 300-400 certs each month, for different domains (then updating most of them until 1 year, and a few for 2 years).
Reading the limits section of the FAQ I didnt find any relevant restriction for this case.
Is there anyone using LE for this volume? Is there any limit I could be missing?


That's correct, there isn't one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, a lot of people. (Though not me.) And there are people dealing in volumes orders of magnitude larger.

You need to keep the pending authorizations and requests per second limits in mind, but there are no specific limits to the number of domains per account.

(You should usually have very few pending authorizations, just lots of valid or (hopefully not) invalid ones.)

Have you read the integration guide?

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