Huge Newb Mistake

While walking through a tutorial on AWS and lightsail, the lights in my neighborhood went out (this was during the rainfall we had here in east this past weekend).

When it came back on again (after a couple of hours) my IP address had changed. Due to the security settings in IP tables, I can no longer ssh into this instance.

Is there any other way I can revoke the certificate for the domain issued on that instance?

Why do you think you need to revoke it? Just destroy the instance and rebuild - there’s no reason to believe your private key was compromised as a result of this. In fact, you can’t even get to it.


Thanks for the response.

I thought I had to revoke every certificate not in use.

So If I launch a new instance, I can request a new certificate and that won’t be a problem?

If you’re talking about a handful, no problem.
If your talking about hundreds, then maybe you may hit a limit.

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thank you both for the responses. Appreciate it.

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