Https:// Showing Wrong Number of Issued Certificates with CertifyThe Web

I tried to generate a second certificate with CertifyThe Web to use for a web Server UI, but the app says:
"Error creating new order:: too many certificates (5) already issued for this exact set of domains in the last 168
The fact that it sees (5) certificates is an error. Only (1) certificate was successfully generated and issued and it is the only one shown in the app as such. But, it seems that the number of times I requested that same certificate that ended in errors (as I was learning to use the app) got erroneously counted (as shown at |, as if the certificates were actually issued.

Would you please tell me how to delete the extra non-generated and non-issued certificates listed on They don't exist, except for only one certificate.



If, a certificate transparancy log aggregator, can get a hold of the certificates, this means the certificate has been submitted to a certificate transparancy log and that means the certificate really has been issued.

Also, there's no way to "delete" certificates from and even if it was, it wouldn't "reset" the counter the Let's Encrypt CA software uses: it can't be reset, you just have to wait.

It's possible the CertifyTheWeb application has a bug where it did get a certificate issued, but didn't handle it properly. In any case, testing should have been done on the Let's Encrypt staging server, not on the production server.


As mentioned in the several other threads you have created, the same cert was requested the same cert 5 times by manually requesting it 5 times.

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