HTTP and HTTPS work but site does not show for HTTPS

All resources should be loaded through HTTPS. If that isn’t possible, you’ll have to cache the HTTP-only resource on your own server, if possible (i.e. static resources, dynamic resources can’t be easily cached of course).

Hi Osiris,

Yes I am looking through this forum and googling an effective way to keep the site strictly HTTPS. I am grateful for your answers and for Let's Encrypt. Truly a fantastic idea.

I came across someone mentioning a rewrite rule but that still did not work. It may take a lot or a little of coding to fix it.

Cheers and thank you again. And if you have any other suggestions I appreciate any info I can get. :slight_smile: Regards,

I have a nginx server with the same issue. when I type in https://the it works, but when I type just or the it sends me to the default nginx page? any ideas of what to look at?

I’d guess the nginx config file doesn’t correctly include the www version. Can you paste your config ?

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