Http and https (or just https) for Nodejs app on specific port

I am using Apache and Ubuntu 18.04 on AWS and managing my domain using Route53. I am running a node js application on my server using port 3001. The main website is on the main domain and the application interface is running on
3 certificates are installed, one for and, another one for, and the third one which I just installed it is a wildcard *
Right now there is no issue with the mail domain and the subdomain on https and my app is working fine on however I need to run it on https as well, so I want to keep the app running on both http and https, but if it’s not possible, I want to keep it running on https instead of http.
I stuck on how to handle it.

The version of my client is 1.3.0.

I guess you are probably doing something like this:

const http = require('http');

const httpServer = http.createServer(expressApp);

You can pretty much substitute it with something like:

const https = require('https');
const fs = require('fs');

const httpsServer = https.createServer({
  key: fs.readFileSync('/etc/letsencrypt/live/'),
  cert: fs.readFileSync('/etc/letsencrypt/live/'),
}, expressApp);


You might also need to need to allow your Node server’s user to read the certificate and private key, as by default they are not world-readable.

If you want, you could move the non-secure version to another port like 3002. AFAIK Node.js can’t mux HTTP and HTTPS on one port.

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This is fixed by adding another subdomain and removing the port number, so now we have both http and https without any problem.

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