How to Validate My Setup Is Correct?


I just worked with certbot for the first time and I think things worked. Initially I failed to included www. but using the expand function and -d flag I think I just got it to work. My domains cname’s www. to the naked domain so while I believe www. is working, I have yet to fully validate it.

Anyway, what’s the best way to validate that my certificates are working properly? Just visiting in a browser? Some random online ssl checker?

domain is




You can use this link to check if your ssl is setup correctly.

Please note that 100% on all 4 lines on the right does not mean that your server is perfect
(It means you are using the latest technology, but it will also reject some old devices/browsers)

Your server got an A on the test, a nice setup.

Thank you


Awesome thank you! This is a solid looking tool. (The domain name checked out too, ha).


Not-so-pro tip: Restart Apache after making any changes.


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