How to use Cloudflare token on Ubuntu?

I want to install Certbot >= 1.2.0 to use Cloudflare API token. But:

  • Ubuntu 20.04 provides certbot 0.40;

  • PPA provides certbot 0.31 and is not available for Ubuntu 20.04;

  • Snap is still in beta (and snaps are awful by design, I don’t want to use snaps at all);

  • certbot-auto does not support DNS plugins (why?);

  • pip install certbot is not recommended (why? [2]).

So how to use certbot>=1.2.0 on Ubuntu 20.04?

Have you tried certbot-auto ?

Hi @andreymal

check That supports a lot of dns providers.

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Certbot-auto doesn’t have DNS plugins by itself…

My best advice then (as @JuergenAuer already suggested) would be to use

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