How to transfer ssl when i change the server



I have installed the ssl in one of my websites. Now i changing server to a dedicated one, May you please help me with steps which i need to do for the smooth transfer ?


Simplified workflow for the case when you don’t really care whether both old a new server are going to receive the traffic for a while:

Have your old server running, copy the required files to a new one, make sure everything works, change your DNS to point the name to the IP of the new server, wait long enough to make sure cached DNS information gets updated, kill the old server.

Waiting time can be reduced by lowering TTL of the appropriate record in advance (read this old article for example).


You need copy the certificate and private key (you can find where they are in Nginx/Apache/IIS config) from the old server to the new one to make SSL work. Let’s Encrypt certificate verifies domain but not the hosting.


May you please let me know whether there is any way which i can do easily through the parallel plesk ?

Looking for your help!

Or can i do new install in the new server ?


@diya2011, if you’re not changing the servers frequently and if the domain name(s) already point to the new server, it should just be possible to get a completely new certificate, and ignore the existence of the old one.


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