How to switch from standalone to apache?

My installation was done via
sudo certbot --authenticator standalone --installer apache --pre-hook “apachectl -k stop” --post-hook “apachectl -k start”_
a while ago. Now if the certificates get renewed the apache will not be started again automatically.

To resolve this I would like to switch over to a --apache installation/authentication which worked well on another system.
What is the recommended procedure?
Is there a way to do this by just modifying the configuration files?


I think you could done that by directly modify the renewal configuration file.

Please back up the file , just in case

Change the authenticator to Apache, remove the renewal and clean up hook…

Thank you

I think it's better to just issue a "new" certificate and use --cert-name so you won't get a new directory/lineage when doing so.

worked! thx:grinning:

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