How to solve this error on this page there in the photo

I suspect based on your previous thread that you do not own the domain in the picture.

The goal of this forum is not for general tech support questions.


I didn't understand

We're doubting the relation with Let's Encrypt.


this site is showing that your connection to this site is not secure how to install certificate because the option to view certificate information does not appear

The error means that your browser couldn't connect to the website in question. Why this happens? There may be many reasons, but doubtful this has anything to do with TLS certificates or Let's Encrypt in particular.

Again. This forum is not the right place for this issue.


which site is the right place for this

If you don't own that domain, then start by contacting the domain owner OR their site webmaster.

If you are caught by the catch-22 problem that you can't contact them because the site contact page can't be reached [by your browser], then try looking up their domain WHOIS contact information.
Like at:
Look for a previous saved version of their site at "Wayback Machine":
Wayback Machine (


Para confirmar, afinal, quem deve corrigir isso é o dono do site, não os usuários finais dele.

Entretanto, faltou o HTTPS no link. Parece que esse site s√≥ oferece conex√Ķes HTTPS e n√£o HTTP. Colocando manualmente https:// no come√ßo do link, talvez daria certo. Essa n√£o √© uma boa pr√°tica por parte do site.

Esse f√≥rum pretende principalmente ajudar aos administradores dos sites para usarem certificados Let's Encrypt nos seus sites, e n√£o pretende oferecer assist√™ncia t√©cnica em geral. Na minha opini√£o, essa pergunta est√° talvez na borda entre perguntas adequadas e inadequadas no f√≥rum, j√° que tem a ver com a configura√ß√£o de um site usando um certificado Let's Encrypt, mas vem de uma usu√°ria final. @vc655767 se essa dica ajudar, pode comunic√°-la para o administrador do site, que √© a √ļnica pessoa que pode corrigir o problema de forma geral e permanente.