How to Solve the Rate Limitation


Hello, I am developing golang, using golang to apply for certificates and update certificates, but there are problems when updating certificates. Update prompts have issued too many certificates for exact domain sets: See seems to be a limitation. What should I do? To solve this problem?


Use the staging environment for testing? And don’t issue (or attempt to issue) more than five identical certs within one week?


Apart from using staging for development purposes (, if you need a production certificate before your rate limit lapses, you can try and add a second domain to your certificate, which will cause it to count under a different rate limit bucket.

Rate Limit Current Status Domain
50 Certificates per Registered Domain per week OK (17 / 50 this week.)
5 Duplicate Certificates per week Limit exceeded. Next issuable at 2018-11-29T10:58:49.000Z

Summary generated at .


Hello, at present, I renew this domain name, the prompt is limited by the speed, renewal domain name is limited, what will happen if I re-apply for this domain name? If the renewal is unsuccessful, can I directly re-apply?


If I understand you correctly - there is no difference between renewing and re-applying in this case. The rate limit applies to both in the same way.

You will be able to issue a new certificate for that domain in 2 days from now.


What does it mean to issue a new certificate two days later? Why issuing a new certificate in two days? What do I need to do?


Because you exceeded the rate limits:

You need to design your Go program to re-use certificates for at least 60 days, not to continually re-issue them.


Why can’t you use one of the certificates that exist now? Why do you need more?


Hello, I use ACME protocol to make a one-click application certificate, including the completion of challenges and automatic deployment certificates, renew and re-apply the same? Thank you.


Okay, thank you. Where are you from?


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