How to setup LetsEncrypt SSL for multiple websites hosted on CentOS 7?

I have a CentOS 7 Server with Apache. Currently there are multiple websites hosted on Virtual Server as “Top Level Server” and “Sub-Server” using VirtualMin, i.e., Multiple Virtual Servers in Apache Webserver.

Apache Virtual Servers:

  • Default Server - /var/www/html
  • Virtual Server - - /home/example1/public_html
  • Virtual Server - - /home/example1/domains/
  • Virtual Server - - /home/example1/domains/

I want to install LetsEncrypt SSL for all the websites. Should I install 1 SSL Certificate for all domains or 1 for each domain?

How should I proceed? Any help would be much appreciated.


Merely depend on you & how many IPs you have in that server.

Do all site in one certificate if you want to serve all clients (old clients like XP)...
Request one certificate per domain (website) if you want some isolation (but you would lose some old browsers that doesn't support SNI)

Try this..

Thank you

Thanks! There's only 1 IP on the server.

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