How to revoke or remove SSL in Google Clound?

Hello, I have installed SSL by typing the following commands in vminstances in Google Cloud

sudo /opt/bitnami/letsencrypt/scripts/ -m -d -d

As the content cannot be shown properly, how can I revoke or remove the SSL installed? please

Generally revoking a cert is only done when the private key has been compromised (or other serious security concerns arise), so that doesn’t seem to fit this case.

Removing a cert should be simple.
You first need to find where it might have been used and remove any reference to it.
Then you can usually “delete” it using the “program” that created it.
I’m not familiar with Google Cloud and Bitnami.
I would start by searching through the scripts folder you provided for a delete script or parameter.
If that fails, then I would try a search engine.

Hi @deltasciedu

then you have to fix these problems.

Revoking a certificate in such a situation is the wrong way and doesn’t help anything, creates new problems.


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