How To Renew SSL For A Redirected Domain

I’m using let’s encrypt SSL on my website. As this is free, may I know if there is any advantage of installing premium SSL?

Also, how I renew SSL on my redirected domain as it gets expired within 3 months. To renew it, I’ve to remove the redirection code and renew the SSL.


In my opinion,
The main difference between let's encrypt certificate & paid certificate is the lifetime (LE would always be 90 days and others have at least 1 year)

The other difference (that worth noticing) is the way to request the certificate.

Let's encrypt mainly support two verification methods : server based & DNS based, while other CAs support email based etc...

Not really... How do you obtained the certificate originally? You could renew the certificate via DNS challenges...

Thank you

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Hi @mohsinkhan

you should modify your redirect rule.

Exclude /.well-known/acme-challenge/ from redirect.

Then you don't need to remove the redirection code if you want to renew your certificate.

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Thanks a lot. I’ll give this a try.

I was an automated process through Cloudways. Well, I’ll try the solution given by fellow community member. Thanks for your response.

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