How to renew certificate

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Please answer all those questions besides your domain to the best of your knowledge. There aren't any wrong answers, but we need those answers to help you further. Without those answers, as it is now, we'd need a crystal ball to help you.. And those don't exist :wink:


At a bare minimum, we would need to know which ACME client you use and what the logs for it show.
There are many clients and many possible reasons for this to have failed.
If you can, also show the output of:
sudo apachctl -S
cat /etc/letsencrypt/renewal/**.conf


Sure they do. I've got one right here... :crystal_ball:
Oop, I dropped it... :fearful:'s rolling away... come back! :open_mouth:

And that was gonna let me know the OS and webserver and everything... :confounded: