How to remove a certificate for a domain?


I’m using acme client for domain certificates. Using the acme client I generated a ec-256 cert for my domain but later found out that FreeNAS can’t work with ec-256 certs. I went on to use acme and generate a 2048 RSA cert. When I renew certs for the domain both certs are renewed. Is there anyway to “drop” the ec-256 cert or maybe have acme not try to renew this particular cert – both are issued for the same domain. I read about revocation – however the certs aren’t compromised in anyway so I’m not sure if this is what I want. I’m really only after trying to stop the renewal of the ec-256 cert

remove ec version from acme client’s config files? what client you use?

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It looks like --remove should do what you’re looking for. See the options list:



Thanks – that got me pointed in the right direction

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