How to re-allow unsecured access via http


Hi. Running apache2 on ubuntu 14.04. I used letsencrypt-auto to install my certificates and during setup was given the option to force the use of https (via the ‘Secure’ option). That worked fine - but now I want to re-allow access via just http.

I’ve tried re-running letsencrypt-auto and choosing the ‘Easy’ configuration (ie allows http and https). But it seems that it is still being forced to use https. How can I manually change it back?



Hi @sharezomics,

I’m not sure whether the current behavior of the client software should be considered a bug (maybe!), but if you want to undo the redirection, you should look in your Apache configuration for a RewriteRule directive that refers to https:// with the name of your server. If you find that line, you can delete it or comment it out (put a # at the beginning of the line) and then restart Apache. Please let us know if that somehow doesn’t work!


Thanks for that. All fixed!