How to preserve additional intermediate certs from being overwritten?

Hi all, I have used LE as a builtin DirectAdmin addon where I am able to submit also some additional CA certs needed for authentication with Estonian ID-card. Everything works almost well except the fact that every time the LE certs are renewed the whole CA chain is overwritten and I have to paste my additional chain certs agaiin.

Is there possible to avoid such overwriting?

What could I do for it? In which directory/file? Or should I ask my hosting provider to do something?

I am using shared hosting at
domains - and

FYI - my sites are for now copied to the new server with CPanel / AutoSSL (Comodo) but some of them are still using the “old” one with DA/LE because of the ability to add own chain.

ip address of the server with DA/LE is

Hi @jaanusnurmoja,

If I'm understanding right it sounds like this is a feature request/bug report that would need to be sent to the maintainers of the DirectAdmin Let's Encrypt plugin or your hosting provider.

Thanks! I just thought the plugin is also developed by Let’s Encrypt.

No prob!

Only the server-side component ("Boulder") is developed by ISRG / Let's Encrypt. In this case it's a 3rd party that developed the plugin in question.

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