How to place the free certificate on my website

I have this site I would like to add the free certificate, what are the next steps

Do you have access to your server?

If yes, then follow the directions here.

If you have any more questions while following the steps there, then ask a followup question here (make sure to change the title of your post).

asking generic questions is a bad idea

I have had a look at your domain and it looks like you are using NGINX as the server? Is this correct?

I can also see that you have port 80 and 443 open


Certbot as @Nonni mentioned is therefore a good option

You can find specific guides by searching “certbot + your operating system + nginx”

Alternatively you can review the help documentation for certbot


it also looks like you are using hostinger so adding this to your search could help as well

as i said the more detailed the question the more likely you are to get a good answer.

Not everyone will do the leg work for you


Sorry for my ignorance, I’m now getting the free certificate system, so I use the server, thank you very much in advance.

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