How to install letsencrypt root zertifkat on htc legend

device is htc legend with android 2.2
leo dictionary app can be installed but it does not work.


I installed on an old htc legend the leo dictionary app via play store. When I trying to use it, I get an error. Searching for it, I recognized, that uses an letsencrypt certificat. The browser shows me, that it does not trust certificates from letsencrypt.
Question: How can I install the letsencrypt root zertificat on htc legend (android 2.2) that certificates released from letsencrypt may be fr leo will be trusted?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @axel.rathey


there you can download the root- and intermediate certificate to install it.

There is a compatibility list:

Android OS >= v2.3.6


Android < v2.3.6

May be no SHA256 as hash function is supported.


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