How to install Let's Encrypt SSL for Static HTML/CSS website

My domain is:

website in HTML/CSS static. I have using Linux Hosting/cPanel is available. how to install
Let’s Encrypt SSL to this website. please help me.

You already have a Let’s Encrypt certificate -

Is there some separate need you have?

You probably want to add a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS somewhere in cPanel. I myself don’t have cPanel experience, so I cannot help you with the details.

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No, I’m just asking how to install this for static website. for dynamic websites(WordPress) i have done. but i don’t know how to get Keys from Let’s encrypt website.

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question.

The type of website does not matter, static or WordPress.

If any website is hosted on your cPanel hosting service, then it will automatically be protected by an SSL certificate.

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