How to install certbot at UBUNTU 16 LTS?

Try in two different serves the command sudo apt-get install certbot as here at

Unable to find certbot package

PS: using certbot as reccomended here.

You should check the configuration of your aptitude, because the package certbot really exists in Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety:

Unless you’re not using 16.10 Yakkety? (I saw it in the URL of your link to…)

Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial is providing a very old version of the client. It was even before the renaming of letsencrypt to its current name certbot:

Thanks @Osiris!

Hum… I MUST to stay with standard LTS — and many readers will say that is the most secure and the most closer to a “real standard”. At terminal lsb_release -a shows

Description:	Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS
Release:	16.04
Codename:	xenial

So, the ideal solution is to “update” Xenial… How to stay using apt to maintain certbot at Xenial? There are some PPA repository for it??

PS: of course, for something urgent, I can use wget and redo this procedure (to update exe) every time that I remember… The guide not say direcly if certbot-auto and “pure” certbot are the same… But for instance --help renew not works (!).

If you’re using xenial, you could use letsencrypt. Although it would not have as many features as the most recent versions of certbot, it should do the trick.


No, I whant certbot, as this is better and consistent for renew… And was the @serverco instruction here, as I say before.
See my final comment, “There are some PPA repository for it??”

Hi @ppKrauss,

To my knowledge, there isn’t a PPA for Certbot, at least not one maintained by the Certbot developers.

The certbot-auto script is an alternative for getting the most current Certbot directly from upstream. Unfortunately, it doesn’t use a package manager for this purpose.

Thanks @schoen! Well, closed the question…

Need for Issues:

PS: how to interact and to influence the UBUNTU community? At this moment, after lost all efforts, is a moment to do some lobby or a big noise for UBUNTU administrators.

Seems to me there is a PPA:

(From the same issue of 2015 you linked to by the way ;))

Thanks @Osiris, I didn’t notice that!

I didn’t know it either! Seems some of you guys are doing great work in managing such a PPA, would be wonderful for Ubuntu users all around :slight_smile:

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