How to include config dirs in the timers/snap

I'm requesting certificates using the --config-dir option.
The problem is the generated renew snap timer is not using such option and doesn't find my certificates. How can I modify the snap to include the --config-dir option?

I've found the service file /etc/systemd/system/snap.certbot.renew.service, can I just do the following? I have very little experience with systemd and snap.

ExecStart=/usr/bin/snap run --timer="00:00~24:00/2" certbot.renew --config-dir xxxx



Hi @santialbo, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

Do you have multiple certbot installations?

You should be able to use the cli.ini file to set that globally.

You might also be able to set it individually within the renewal conf file.


Thanks a lot @rg305. I was able to create a cli.ini on /etc/letsencrypt with my config-dir. It all works now.


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