How to get key file and cert file


I am trying to configure a phoenix server to have ssl certificate via let’s encrypt but I am not sure how to get key file and cert file for the same.
As my need is to place those files into my server folder structure.

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You can grab the certificate from certbot, then link the file from certbot folder to your desired folder.

Thank you


Thanks for your reply.
I want a certificate that is dependent neither on an os (debian-8) nor or a software (nginx). i want a general certificate that will work on my phoenix server. So can you please tell me the certificate that i will get by the above method will have any dependency or will it be a general one.
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Certbot (or any of the other client software) will give you a standard x.509 certificate, which will work with any software that uses such certs. However, you’ll need to use some client software to get the cert. I tend to favor the alternative, shell-based clients like dehydrated or, but they’ll all leave you with the same cert.


Thanks for your reply.
I got the certificate but when i tried to open the file i found it to be empty. Is it an error or it comes like that only?


Can you share us the name and path of the file you are trying to open?

Thank you


…and what exactly you did to obtain/create that file?


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