How to get a Let's Encrypt certificate while using CloudFlare


Setting SSL mode to flexible temporarily should be a little less disruptive and continue to encrypt most of your origin connections, especially if you have to change the settings for a whole zone that is mostly working fine.

With a page rule you could set the SSL mode or Always HTTPS setting in a page rule for the entire subdomain temporarily while you’re setting it up. I don’t think the SSL settings are effective at the path level.


Thanks a lot for replying! Looks like change to flexible is a reasonable way to go.

For other readers information, please aware that if you redirect all http requests to https in your server and with flexible mode on you will get into infinite redirect loop, disable YOUR REDIRECT(not the CloudFlare redirect) before you switch to flexible mode.


No one mentioned that command.

I mixed some commands from the manual up and thought it would be working.
You are right BTW