How to forbid others to use my email to register ssl?

I do not why, but there is always a email monthly tell me that I get some ssl certificates. Actually, I do not have such a domain, have never got any ssl for it.
It is disgusting!

Can you show the contents (redact it if you want) or the from address of the email?

The official emails from Let’s Encrypt come with unsubscribe links.

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It seems that those email are sent by cpanel, and the contents: The AutoSSL certificate renewal may cause a reduction of coverage starting 2018-06-04 at 14:01:27 UTC
The “LetsEncrypt” AutoSSL provider could not renew the SSL certificate without a reduction of coverage because of the following problem:
:no_entry: [ Last AutoSSL Run at “2018-04-21 at 20:56:17 UTC” ]
The system queried for a temporary file at “”, but the web server responded with the following error: 404 (Not Found). A DNS (Domain Name System) or web server misconfiguration may exist. The domain “” resolved to an IP address “” that does not exist on this server.
For the most current status, navigate to the “SSL/TLS Status” interface. You can also exclude domains from future renewal attempts, which would cease future notifications.
You can fix this problem within 3 day of the certificate expiry date (2018-06-07 at 14:01:27 UTC) or take other actions. If you do not, this certificate will automatically renew without this domain.
The next time that the “LetsEncrypt” AutoSSL provider attempts to renew the SSL certificate, the system will attempt to add the following domain to that certificate:
The certificate that is installed on this website contains the following properties:
2018-06-07 at 14:01:27 UTC
countryName US
organizationName Let’s Encrypt
commonName Let’s Encrypt Authority X3

To upgrade to an EV or OV certificate, navigate to the “SSL/TLS Wizard” interface.

The system generated this notice on 2018-04-21 at 23:18:47 UTC.

copyright© 2018 cPanel, Inc.

In this case you are receiving these emails because there is a cPanel account that has your email address set as the contact email.

You should contact the service provider running the cPanel server to inform them that your email address is incorrectly associated with the cPanel account.

To figure out what the service provider you need to contact is, in this specific case, you may unfortunately need to look at the email headers of the email, which can be tricky. If you can figure out how to open the email headers of the email and paste them here, then I can help you figure out who is responsible.

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Sounds like the email acceptance step should require some sort of recipient validation or option to disavow.

This is coming from your cPanel Hosting.

You probably need to contact your service provider aka hosting support.

However they probably can do nothing since it’s a global options for all user.

Good Luck

Thank you

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