How To Find SSL Certs For Deleted Instances

I have been trying to build this site and web dev mode and for whatever reason even though it loads fine locally on VSC when I try to build the dependencies and what not on vultr using nginx/npm.... etc, it doesn't work. Well let's just say I blew through those 5 certs and don't know where to find them. The servers are gone.

If the servers are gone, you can't get the certificates back. The private keys are destroyed for good, unless you had snapshots of the servers.


A new cert can be had once less than five certs have been issued in the previous seven days [one week].
Until then, I would recommend that you do plenty of testing on the test/staging environment.
Get it right there and be ready for a real cert when that time comes.


Yeah I have a snapshot so I will be able to at least find it it in the directory. Just is wild that they wouldn't tell you that you only have 5 shots at, but also 5 shots at

Thank you sir.

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If you read the rate limits, it's all pretty clear.


If you read the rate limits... I mean come on that is like reading TOS. Why aren't these logged to the email I fill out during the install haha

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