How to find Certbot?


How do I find what Certbot is in my site?

I believe that I installed a certbot on a cpanel site which is running Joomla.
I’m getting emails that a certificate expires in two days… and I can’t find a bot in the site so I don’t know if it will autorenew. The cert seems to have renewed once several months ago.
I browsed the LetsEncrypt documentation, and I’m not finding a relevant bot, and the FAQs don’t say how to check your status. I’m not even finding the email name that the cert might have been associated with.

I did find in this forum mention that there is a Joomla tool, but I’m not finding info on that nor finding it in my Joomla admin panel.


Hi @TwoBalanced,

Are you familiar with using the command line to administer your site? Certbot is the name of a command-line program which is used by typing its name at a command prompt. If you don’t administer your site via the command line, you (or someone else) probably obtained your certificate in a different way, not using Certbot.


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