How to disable expire notifications for apps moved on another server

I moved my app to another server so I don't need to renew the certificate on the old one.
Unfortunately I keep having expiration notices from let's encrypt bot regarding the old server.
How can I disable forever these useless notifications?


Hi @pr4321 and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

A. The notifications are not useless.
There is no way for LE to know you don't need them.
[not needing something doesn't make it useless]
If you are really (easily) annoyed, you could remove all notifications to that email address.
And start renewing all your certs with a new email address.

B. Expiry email notifications will not continue beyond the old cert lifetimes.
(absolute maximum: 90 days from when you moved to the new server).
So, how long ago did you switch servers?
How many emails are you getting?


Thanks for the reply.
I switched server in less than 90 days so I would expect that these notifications about this site would be the last.


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