How to configure certificate on free serverpilot?

hi just wandering how to add this certificates on a free serverpilot account ?
i know i will need to do it manually on Apache im looking for a how to.

link to what serverpilot is:


Look this : How to Install an SSL Certificate on Your Site - ServerPilot


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That’s for paid users only they can use the GUI but free users can’t I will need to add it an other way … Looking for a workaround


Wrote you a couple of quick scripts, feel free to use them. Might be a few bugs.

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It seems that SSL is a premium feature on ServerPilot. You can use a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt (although through the inconvenient, manual route) but you need a paid account on ServerPilot.

So its not possible to use it on the free version?

If not, whats the difference to the wp plugin?

i think we can as we have access to Apache but we need to modify Apache manually for the ssl i just didint have time to try and install the client of lets encrypt this way

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thx il try it this weekend :smile: il post back letting u know if it works

Was there a resolution to this? Sorry to revive an old topic, but I was hoping raykai might have found out something.

When I try the instructions, I get stopped at the first step

$ sudo apt-get install python-letsencrypt-apache


$: command not found


im using : and i have no prob with it. it conferrers everything for ssl with serverpilot when on a free account.

These instructions work for me at least initially, I am currently trying to figure out adding additional certificates

Move back to the certbot directory with the command from step 1 cd /opt/certbot

Then do step 2 again with the new domain name to generate the cert.

Then create the new config file for the new domain the same way as the first one in step 3.

Basically all the same without installing certbot in the first place.

Any new certs will get updated with the existing cron command.

I’ll update the post soon.