How to change domain

May be the answer is "no"?

I haven't a clue as I have not checked the

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If I understand you right: the use of certbot on Nextcloud-Pi is different from the use of cerbot on normal computers?

I do not know, I have read any of the

Have you?

No, you don't understand me right; I have no reason to believe that certbot is the ACME client included with Nextcloud-Pi. As I've also said already.


The solution to "how to" change anything on a specific web service is not something this forum can cover.

But I want to use certbot.
That makes no difference.
Certbot, like all ACME clients, is basically designed to only GET certs.
The installation of certs is the responsibility of the system administrator.
Yes, there are plugins that can help create HTTPS server blocks [from copies of existing HTTP server blocks].
But that is no substitute for system administration.
And one should always review/approve all changes made to a production system they manage.

With regard to your specific request...
You simply need to breakdown the problem.
You have a domain and you want to replace it with a new one.
As two simple steps, it becomes trivial:

  • Get the new domain name working [HTTP first and then secure it].
  • Then stop using the old name [and remove any certs no longer needed].

As a single step... it might be impossible to even write a single "how to" that covers all possible operating systems, web services, etc.

I think there is no one-click-button that covers your request.


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