How to cancel auto renew SSL?

I have inherited a website which has your free 90 day Auto SSL certificates. I need to know how to turn off the renewal please?

Remove the /etc/letsencrypt/renewal

Hiya! Thanks for your answer. I know nothing about these - so where would I find that information? On the hosted files? in a folder called anything in particular?

it is inside /etc/letsencrypt/renewal folder , there will be configuration files for auto renew. you can remove them.

so without sounding too silly, the folder i’m looking for at the top is “etc” folder?

it is standard folder for linux configurations.
if you are new to linux , i advice you to let someone with linux/ssh skills to handle these tasks. It will be very risky if not.

If your website has a thing called cPanel, this may all be controlled by the cPanel under “AutoSSL” and you can just turn that off. In that case your hosting company may also be able to assist you better than us, because they know the specifics of their product.

I have never used linux! I am waiting for the FTP details - would this be in the hosted files or in a background server area?

I have asked the hosting company if i can have access if they have a Cpanel - thanks.

cpanel is control panel software, it’s a website for controlling your websites. If the site you’ve inherited was not run by very technical people they may have used cpanel instead of needing to know about FTP and so on.

Hi @hanamck, it sounds like you’re not very familiar with administering the web site that you inherited. There is no single answer to how to turn off automated renewal, because people can use dozens of different kinds of software to obtain certificates from Let’s Encrypt, each of which is potentially controlled and configured in a different way. Most answers would constitute a guess about what software you have, coupled with an assumption that people who are using that software will know how to change its behavior.

Do you know what kind of software environment this site uses and how you’re expected to administer it? If you don’t know how to make configuration changes to the software that runs the site, is there a possibility that you can get help or support with this from someone else who does?

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Hiya! I’ve been away for a few days but thanks for your reply.

The site is a wordpress site and I’m trying to get access to either a cpanel or FTP area but the hosting company aren’t being very helpful and not heard from them so far.

Is there any chance that the person you inherited the site from gave you some kind of administrative credentials for it, or that that person would be willing to do so?

It wouldn’t be very considerate behavior to give someone a web site without giving them a way to administer that site!

I have emailed them again today to see what info they can give me as I gave them more info about this problem. Will see what happens! Thanks for your reply.

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