How to Backup Letsencrypt ssl files?

I have used Lets encrypt for first time few months back by googling some tutorial.But i have few questions so that i can clarify my doubts from experts here.

I am using Centos7 ngnx,

1.where is my private key located ?

is it in tha path /etc/letsencrypt/live/ ,is this is private key ?
when i see in Filezila it shows symblink for private.pem .

2.Suppose if my server crash and i dont have any backup then if i install new ssl certificate in new server ,will it works properly without any issues ?

3.Suppose if i want to change domain server then which files need to take backup ? Also i saw few posts saying we need private key But i am not sure which private key file exactly in that

Thanks in advance

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You should backup the whole /etc/letsencrypt directory.

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@9peppe.if i downloaded from filezila is it okay.or i need to use terminal ?.
also any think do you know about my 2 and 3 question ?

Thanks for the answer.

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I don’t know what filezilla will do. You should probably tar the directory before downloading.

If you restore the entire directory, everything should work fine. If you get a new certificate, it will be fine as well, but beware of the rate limiting.

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

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@9peppe.Thank you for clarification.
3 question you have answered in second question itself.(third question was if i point my domain to another server then what i need to do changes )

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