How migrate letsencrypt from pfsense to ubuntu

I would like to migrate my domain, *, from a PfSense 2.7.0 setup to an Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 LTS environment. In my current PfSense setup, I'm using the method for managing my domain, but unfortunately, I've lost the password. The PfSense firewall is quite old, and I'm looking to remove it from my network.

The Ubuntu server is located behind new firewall Paloalto 11.0.1-h2.
Could you please advise on the best approach for this migration?
If starting from scratch is the recommended option, what would be the best setup for this purpose?

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

If you still have all your pfsense config then the acme dns registration info will still be in there somewhere. It's unlikely to be encrypted in this scenario, but you can just re-register when you setup the certificate again, it creates a new CNAME for you to point to.

Ideally you would run your own acme-dns server instead of using the public one, or you would use DNS automation with your own domain.


Short answer:

Don't migrate

[starting over would be faster]


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