How long will it take to Get a certificate

How long will it take to issue a certificate?

Just a little searching and reading would probably answer many questions.

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Normal certificates should issue close to instantly IIRC.

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He did not said wildcard certs…

It should only take a few seconds.
You can see it yourself here:


Read past the title. The answer to the question is in the first sentence of the post.

Ah okay, one minute. You could have highlighted that. :wink:

But I think one minute is still exaggerated…

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Right now with the test server most issuance takes me about 10 seconds to complete (I just timed the issuance part for 2 names and it finished in 12 seconds). However, there are things that could definitely slow that down once we go live, so I don’t want to tell people “10 seconds”. I agree with continuing to describe it as “about a minute” (although that may even include the time spent interacting with the client UI, not just the issuance process itself).

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maybe add a timer to the actual client that could output verbose or logged something like

ssl certificate issued in 10.3334 seconds

maybe log in on CA side too so ? maybe useful for diagnostics and troubleshooting ?

would also give you a precise answer to above question if you have long term data that suggests on average it took XX seconds to issue