How Do You Install LetsEncrypt on Google Clouds Platform

don’t worry about that. The only one that concerns me is
Anyways… shouldn’t I start the services next?

I am not concerned with
All of my advertisement lists

Doesn’t matter. has the same problem. Click it - you see “It works!”. @_az the instructions say that I am to start my services and servers FIRST then check urls… correct?

I need to start them. give me a sec

What I’m trying to convey is that a rogue (non-Bitnami) Apache service has already started itself, before you have an opportunity to follow that instruction.

@_az apache had NOT started… and it has not started now. I am trying to see what is going on with it

Apache had definitely already been started. I stated as much 3 posts ago:

I saved both screen captures which show that it had not started.

and now… for whatever the reason… my VM (SSH) will not start

Well… as a low-wage school-leader, I can’t pay folks to do this. and with apache not starting, and my VM not starting… it is time for me to logoff and go home to my family. Thanks for your help. Goodnight

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