How do I renew my certificate

I keep on getting a pop up window that my certificate has expired for my domain when I open Outlook. Yet my mail account is an exchange with Microsoft Office 365.

How do I renew it or stop it from poping up.

Many thanks.

That really depends on how you got the certificate in the first place.

Stop it from popping up would be great, thanks.

Three options, of which the first is the best:

  • Renew the certificate
  • Disable TLS al together
  • Make an exception in Outlook for the current certificate, if possible

Try this:
sudo certbot renew
or if that doesnt work:
sudo certbot certonly --force-renew

For my information: why would forcing renewal when the certificate isn’t due for renewal useful in this situation?

...but it is; it's been expired for three weeks: |

@IT-Works, you've had Let's Encrypt certs since December 2016, but your most recent one was issued in January of this year. Whatever process was supposed to renew the cert, didn't. But we have no way of knowing what that was if you don't tell us.

Sorry, my choice of words wasn't specific enough. What I meant was the added value of --force-renewal if the renew command doesn't work? certbot renew should work or at least try to renew. If it tries to renew and it doesn't work, forcing it to renew doesn't have any added value.

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