How do I manually renew my certificate?


Six months ago, I got a certificate for my domain using “letsencrypt 0.1.0”: for each subdomain I wanted on the certificate, it gave me a file to upload to the server for that subdomain.

Three months ago, I renewed the certificate using “letsencrypt 0.5.0”: for each subdomain, it gave me a file to upload to the server for that subdomain.

Today, I upgraded to “certbot 0.8.1” in preparation for renewing. This was a mistake: instead of giving me files to upload, it’s giving me an error message: “Running manual mode non-interactively is not supported”.

How can I get my certificate renewed? Should I downgrade back to “letsencrypt 0.5.0”?


renew implies non-interactive, which isn’t compatible with the interactive manual mode.

According to Certbot manual renew you can’t use renew, but have to use the command you previously used to issue the certificate unfortunately…


If you have Windows 10 and the Anniversary update then you can just run manual mode through bash which will give you a file to upload to your website.

Easy peasy.


Thanks for the confirmation: I’ve downgraded to certbot 0.6.0, which does let me renew in interactive manual mode. I just hope I don’t miss anything important by not upgrading any more.


I am not sure but I think all you have to do his this command when you are in the part were letsencrypt is installed:

./letsencrypt-auto --renew
Mine is install at:

/root/letsencrypt just cd to it.


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