How do I issue an ssl by checking for A record pointing to my server?

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I am working on a web app where users can connect custom domain to their profiles, somewhat similar to

So if user profile is, user can map a custom domain like

So just like “about me” does apply a ssl for custom domain, how can I do the same.
I tried adding it manually to each domain, but then it would pile up many virtual hosts file on my apache server. How can just set a cron job to checkout for domains pointing to my server and apply them ssl.

I would really appreciate if some one helps, I have been trying to figure this out since months!!

apache isn’t probably the right tool for the job.

check Caddy (it has automatic certificate generation)

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Hi @CyrilK

if you want to create such a project, you should create your own client.


Thankyou for your answer!
Can’t I add a cron job for A records pointing to my server and issue a certificate for now?

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