How do I grant certbot privileges to make dns changes to all of my sites on my server

Dynamic DNS is regulated in, well, DNS. acme-dns however is an endpoint running at a certain IP address. So as long as you're pointing your dynamic DNS regulated hostname pointed to acme-dns, it should be fine.


I thought you meant I'd be switching my DNS provider from namecheap to acme-dns

Nope, not entirely. If you thought that, you haven't understood the purpose of acme-dns properly. You'd only delegate the _acme-challenge labels to the host running acme-dns.

Maybe a stupid question, but is English your primary language?


Then how could the case arise where I would have to use namecheap dns since you said, if I must use namecheap ...

I'm not sure I follow.

Your NameCheap would just work as you're using now. And within your NameCheap zone editor you would add a CNAME record for the _acme-challenge label pointing to a hostname specific for your acme-dns instance.


After following instructions to install acme-dns I get the error acme-dns-client: command not found

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How did you install acme-dns-client?


go get -u GitHub - acme-dns/acme-dns-client: A client software for

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Well, I'm not that familiair with go (although I know enough that I really hate the language), but I've noticed that some go commands that compile a certain application put the binary somewhere else entirely, probably related to some environment variables being set or not.

You might want to either use one of the other installation options provided in the README or use an indexing application on your system to search for the binary. E.g., on my computer, I would run:

locate acme-dns-client

to search for the binary. updatedb and locate are applications from the mlocate package on my system. YMMV.

Why not just pull a binary from Releases · acme-dns/acme-dns-client · GitHub ? (Although I agree compiling code which you can verify yourself is better.)

It seems when I run go install (because go get doesn't work any longer it seems.. Deprecated..), the binary gets installed in ~/go/bin/.

Pfff, the binary seems to require root permissions, even for running ./acme-dns-client --help.. :roll_eyes:


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