How do I delete/cancel an existing Letsencrypt certificate?

Hi, I set up a Letsencrypt SSL certificate aboout 1 year ago when I was using TSO Host for web hosting. I subsequently moved to WPEngine hosting who issued their own SSL letsencrypt certificate.

Today my website won’t load and its saying that its because the SSL certificate has expired. In actual fact, the WPEngine SSL certificate has NOT expired, but it is being overridden by the previous one that I arranged before I switched to using WPEngine as my webhost.

WPEngine told me that I need to get the previous Letsencrypt certificate cancelled.

TSO couldn’t do anything. Told me I had to contact Letsencrypt or Cloudflare.

Is there any way I can for me to cancel/delete my Letsencrypt certificate??

Urgent. Please help!



My domain is:

The information from WPEngine is misleading. They have to renew the certificate, if you host your domain on their infrastructure. There is no possibility that a previously issued certificate can override another one on another host.


Thanks bytecamp. WPE successfully resolved the issue for me. They have amazing customer service.

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