How do I cancel my service with Let's Encrypt?

I want to cancel my service and release the SSL for my website, going with a different provider.

Hi @Jason_Infinity,

There's no need to cancel your account or release/revoke any of your certificates. You're free to switch to a different provider immediately. Your Let's Encrypt certificates will expire naturally.

Hope that helps!

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Not really, my other provider has told me that the certificate I purchased through them cannot take effect until the certificate with you is released.

Hi again @Jason_Infinity,

Who is your other provider? I haven't heard of another certificate authority being insistent about this before. Do they provide a rationale for why they feel its necessary?

I'm not clear what your other provider means by "is released" - you are able to revoke the certificate yourself but that may not be what they mean. When you issued your Let's Encrypt certificate did you use Certbot? We have documentation about revoking certificates here.


You should ask that other provider to clarify.. Do they mean "releasing" it on your server?


“Released” probably means “uninstalled” or “removed” from their server.

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