How can we get this website running again?

Your connection is not private
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The website is created on Wix and hosted via Doteasy

Try contacting Wix support. There may be Wix experts on this forum who may be able to help figure out what’s wrong and fix it – like if it’s an incorrect control panel setting – but maybe not, too. If the only people who can investigate it and fix it are Wix staff, you might as well ask them ASAP.

Your certificate has expired.
On Cinco de Mayo!
It partied to hard.

Who installed the cert back in February?

How do we renew the certificate?

Hi @KiwiCannasseur,

Your certificate has been already renewed

CRT ID     CERT TYPE  DOMAIN (CN)           VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
444558555  Pre cert  2018-May-06 12:51 UTC  2018-Aug-04 12:51 UTC  89 days

and your site is using the renewed cert:



Thanks just seen that’s it’s working now, was trying to help on behalf of someone so wasn’t too sure what was happening. Thanks for the help everyone.

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