How can Install minimal Nginx?


Certbot or I nuked my nginx. It doesn’t work as proxy server anymore. After certification renewed 3 times (in 90 days period) my nginx proxy_pass not working. I don’t remember but I use Certbot to install my nginx. And my /etc/nginx/ folder had it only 2 folder. conf.d and snippets folder. I configure and test it that was working. Since than I am trying to work on my project and using nginx as proxy server. yesterday I reset my ubuntu so I can instal everything again. My question is that I need to install minimal nginx only supports the based index.html and redirect the rest. I lost all my configuration as well. My question is:

  1. How to install minimal nginx so I can have only 2 folder (conf.d and snippets folder)?
  2. is my domain. I need to server only index.html in here. and everything related to******* (start part) need to be redirect to how can I do that?


Hi @NTMS2017,

While this isn’t technically a Let’s Encrypt question, you can find articles spread across the internet that should help you configure your nginx server and use a Let’s Encrypt certificate. Here’s a few articles that could help you from my quick Google search. These are in no particular order.

Best of luck out there!

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I have some information here :

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