How can I install the SSL certificate on my VM for a parked domain name?


I own a Windows based virtual machine located on my organization’s cloud. I access it via Windows Remote Desktop. The VM runs XAMPP for hosting a web application. And I access the web application through a Public IP via browser. Can anyone kindly guide how to install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate on my VM for this application.

Thank you.


(generally) SSL certs are based on FQDNs not IPs.
Without a DNS entry to point to your IP, your only option is to get a wildcard cert.
(But that requires being able to enter a DNS entry onto your domain name zone.)

If you are not using the domain, and you access it by IP, why do you need a trusted cert for it?


The need of ssl cert is to secure the traffic between the server and requesting clients.


TLS (HTTPS) clients?
or RDP clients?
or more/others?


TLS/HTTPS clients only.


Well then they will need a name to connect to.
What is the FQDN you plan to use for TLS/HTTPS connections?


I’m not sure I may not breach my organization’s security policy if I state the FQDN here. But I can manage a sub-domain at our organization’s FQDN and make it point to the IP. If you need me to mention the sub-domain or FQDN here, I can PM it to you.


You do realize that all issued certificates are public information.
There is no “hiding” - unless you create your own CA and issue private certs.


You are right. The sub-domain is created as


For the specific case of Apache on Windows I would recommend using win-acme:

Though if you’ve never got a Let’s Encrypt’s certificate before, you might want to read over this overview first:

Note that Remote Desktop access is the equivalent of Shell Access on Windows machines.


SSL Certificate installed successfully. Thank you for to the point guidance!


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