How can I allow a http site


Hey guys, I’m running certbot on my Raspberry Pi LAMP-Server. I’m also running Kodi, which I control with my Smartphone. But to control it from outside the private network via mobile data, it needs a connection through the port 8080. But as certbot encrypts every http-connection, I cant connect to my media center. Is there a possibility to add exceptions, which are not automatically encrypted?

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Hi @Raspi,

This isn’t exactly right. If you allow Certbot to do so, it will edit your Apache configuration so that your existing HTTP virtual hosts generate an HTTP 301 redirect to your Certbot-created HTTPS service on port 443. However, this doesn’t prevent you from either declining this option, or creating additional virtual hosts that use either HTTP or HTTPS on any other port, such as port 8080.


Hi @schoen,

how could I do that?


Edit your Apache configuration in /etc/apache2/sites-available.


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