Hosting to VPS - transfer of LEcerts

Hello guys,
we are currently using the services of one web-hosting company for our website. This company provides support of the LE certificates - you can enable this in the web control panel. Since we are not satisfied with the performance of this shared hosting, we are moving to VPS. The problem is we have chosen different company, and the current one refuses to export the private and public keys for our domain.

Question: will we be able to get new certificates from LE after we update the DNS with the IP address of new VPS? If not, do you have any recommendation on how to proceed?


If nothing weird happened with the first certificate (i.e., one request, immediately got the cert et c.), there’s no problem requesting a new one. But I recommend revoking the first certificate when your site is up and running at the new hoster. So you really should get the private key somehow. (Public key is in your certificate, so no export needed, but not usefull either…)

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