Hi all, im new to everything. i could use help. if that post doesnt belong here, please delete it

Hi everyone,

I just joined this community like 10 minutes ago and i have tons of questions and tons of stuffs i really don't understand at all. im into learning mode and how does it work in the background !

Im totally new with website, certificate, domain name, register, networking, server, domain and all that stuffs. i've been in gaming hardware part for 20 years and never bother with anything else than gaming computer.

Since a month, i wanna learn something different than this. currently, im into networking with some captive portal setup that doesn't work properly. I'm into vlan that also doesnt work properly.. im watching tons of video to acheive what im trying to do. I already setup 4 proxmox server at my home with different i3 and i5 server and 3-4 network cards with multiple port. I bought a 48 port layer 3 switch and im having so much fun learning how to configure everything!

My main router is a virtual pfsense running in my house for 5 users and i have a 500mbps/50mbps fiber connection...

Hoorah, today, like an hours ago from this post, i bought 2 domains name from IONOS, x.com and x.ca . I'm so excited because my daughter, my wife and my son will help us build something fun and attractive for people. so far, we looking for a wordpress with few hosting video and image that's i like to host on my own server. I don't care if it slow for now, it in development and if it become big and i can make some money out of this, i will transfert it to someone that can host it.

The fun part is, we are a money broken family, we counting every penny we are spending because we suffer many health problems and life was a real pain for us up to now.

So, I checked the list of free certificate ssl allowed and i don't see IONOS in the list unless i don't understand anything at this. How does this work, did i buy my .com and .ca at the wrong place or that doesn't matter to get this?. it was like 10$ for both domains name and this is the most i can afford for now.

i would like to put them into my pfsense because i checked laurence video on youtube how to set certificate for captive portal and im so confuse on what to do to have one or 2 with let's encrypt to secure my website and the captive portal. i wanna share internet with the neighbour community and i have to set this up.

thanks if you can resolve some answer. If it wasn't the place to say this, just let me know. and ill remove the post. I'm also not in a hurry for this to work like now. i don't even know how to create a website, i don't even know how to manage all that stuffs.

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If you don't require a wildcard certificate (for simple sites that isn't necessary at all) and your webserver is accessible on TCP port 80 from the outside world, the choice of your DNS service provider doesn't matter at all. :slight_smile:

Also note that the web is full with well-meant but terrible how-to's.. For beginners, it's probably quite hard to distinguish a good from a bad how-to. Just remember: Let's Encrypt is meant to be easy and automated. If a how-to incorporates manual steps necessary for certificate renewal, it's probably a bad how-to. The setup will most likely involve manual steps to set up the process, but renewal should be automated without any manual intervention.


Welcome @cyqpann Sounds like fun for your family.

This forum focuses on helping people get Let's Encrypt certificates to enable https on working websites.

Sometimes this involves helping with other things but that is the main part.

There are many other places to help people learn about "website, certificate, domain name, registrar, networking, server" and all that stuff :slight_smile:

These first few topics by Let's Encrypt explain more

This forum is mostly volunteers who devote personal time and experience.
I wish you much fun but do not wish to join you in your journey of discovery.
When you are ready to obtain certs for your site you may see me again :slight_smile:


Yeah, thanks a lot for this. i will focus on the one you point me out and check everything i can. thanks for this warm welcome.


Well as i can read up to now. i will need wildcard certificate for subdomain because my daughter and son want offcial subdomain like banana.c.com and my daughter want his part of the cookie with Rosie.x.com

I will ask for help as soon i undertstand all that stuffs.

Thanks a lot !


You don't need a wildcard certificate if the subdomains are known and you don't require more than 100 subdomains per certificate.


pfSense has it's own ACME client and package. This should be all you need for obtaining the certificates. Give it a try, and let us know if you need more help.



Alright, i was about to create a new post to get some help with installing a IONOS SSL certificate they gave me. up to now, nothing goes right, im about to f*ck everything lol. i will read carefully the link you provide me. thanks !


My only suggestion would be to do things only one at a time. Get one thing running before you try to tackle the next thing. Good luck and good journey!


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