Hey Guys new here and having small doubt

Hey guys I tried to calculate next reset by the moving

window but seems im getting one extra or something. Btw i done using example.com , www.example.com. Is it possible to know when my next reset is ?

Also used zerossl and not sure where cloudflare coming from in that cert search.

hi thanks.zero ssl gave me an account id of something. Is it possible to recover my ssl using that ?

ok. Thanks for the help

Small request can you remove domain name pls cos its not yet public and still under construct one.

Hi @dggamer

your website has a cPanel subdirectory.

So it isn't a good idea to use another tool to create a certificate.

Check your cPanel options if there is a Letsencrypt - option.

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Its godaddy sir ,and they dont suport lets encrypt tool

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