Help With local Exchange server

I have installed letsencrypt-win-simple on a local exchange-server (SBS2008), and it seems to be working fine from the “outside” when ppl are not connecting to the server through the dns. But when
ppl are connected to the local network new mails, caledar etc isn’t syncing properly. I’m assuming thats pretty normal since the certificate is only applied to the dns…
Is there any fix for this? I would love as detailed help as possible since i’m very new to this.


LE does not issue certs for internal domains.
You can try use DNS name (Domain name) to connect to your server. (For internal Network)

Otherwise please seek help from your software provider (this is off-topic for Lets encrypt)

Thank you

I’m not positive what you meant by “through the DNS” — as in using the server’s domain name?

People on the internal network could probably use the server’s public domain name as well. As @stevenzhu said, Let’s Encrypt won’t issue certificates for private internal names (like .local), nor for IP addresses, but it would be possible to use the Let’s Encrypt certificate when connecting on a LAN as long as the users connecting on the LAN refer to the server by the same name that the certificate covers. This is true whether or not that name resolves to the same public IP address or a private IP address.

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